Why choose Coventry Woodburners ltd to be your local coal merchant?

. A good range of quality coals available to you.

. Competitive prices.

. Family business

. Call and collection service

. FREE delivery service available throughout Coventry and surrounding area subject to minimum order value.

. Kiln dried logs burn hotter and more efficiently than other types of wood fuel.

. Burning kiln dried logs is much more environmentally friendly than burning other fossil fuels such as coal or gas.

. Will fit the majority of open fires and appliances.

If you’re in Coventry or Warwickshire and want bagged coal, nets of logs or anything else, please come and visit your local coal suppler today.

WE offer a special call and collection service and delivery service throughout Coventry and surrounding areas, FREE delivery subject to minimum order value! Contact our friendly team today via any of the contact numbers and we will be happy to help.  


We offer you a wide range of coals which are ideal for your open fire and multi-fuel stoves. Our range includes toe popular homefire coal, traditional house coal and more. We also offer you various smokeless fuels, which are an ideal alternative for open fires and multi-fuel stoves.

Ensure you use the correct fuel on your appliance . this will ensure you get the most efficient use from it. It is also vitally important to check that your liner/chimney is suitable for the type of fuel you are using. Using the wrong type of fuel for a liner will reduce its life considerably due to increased corrosion. Get in touch with your local coal merchant today, we are always happy to advise in the best way possible.


Coventry Woodburners ltd offers you a range of smokeless fuels for your multi-fuel stoves, open fires, heaters, cookers and boilers. With this in mind you’re guaranteed to find the best fuel for your requirements. All of our smokeless fuel are manufactured to the highest quality and are approved for use in smokeless fuel zones.